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Top Most Modern Roof Styles to Add Energy Efficiency and Aesthetics to Your House.

Roofs are the most common part of any structure. They not only protect but also present an image of your building. The strong impact on the roofing design can be seen on various landmarks and the modern style residents as well. Not only the modern design looks fresh and unique from the century-old designs, but they also provide energy-saving benefits for the users. Home roofing has been improved significantly in the 20th century in terms of style and function. They can look flawless with a little lighting but will still be enough to keep a house cool in summers and warm in winters.

The following is a list Value Home Services provides of most desirable modern style roofs for your next roof replacement projects.

Skillion Roof:

The skillion roof is the modern design roof style for small seasonal homes. They are best to build for areas with cold climatic conditions to keep the internal temperature feasible. The structure resembles a flat roof but installed in an angular position to absorb maximum heat from the sun during the day. The design can also be used for separated garages. Skillion Roof is very easy to install and maintain, using fewer building materials than other counterparts. The slope helps to runoff water and snow very conveniently as well. It also presents a modern architectural appeal that looks unique and interesting.

Butterfly Roof:

Butterfly Roof is the most efficient roofing design for homes. The angular V-shaped tandem pieces join together at the center creating an illustration of butterfly’s wings while flying. The exterior sides of the roof are higher and can be installed with windows for more natural lighting and ventilation. This also helps to bring down the electricity bills and induces an open fell to the structure. A butterfly roof serves as a great plane to install visually absent solar panels as well. The only downside of the roof is the upfront cost, which will be higher for most. However, they look the best when installed on your house.

Sawtooth Roof:

A sawtooth roof is a multi skillion roof design aligned next to each other covering the entire upper portion. When installed the roof resembles the side of a saw blade. The initial usage of this design was planned for the commercial building. However, at present, the more modern residential constructions demand this type. Windows can be added to the elevated sides for natural lighting. This also helps to install solar panels without any angular plane making them visually absent. The sawtooth roof is an excellent choice for eco-friendly homes reducing daily based consumption. Our Local Roofing Contractors in Burlington install, repair and provide maintenance services for Sawtooth Roofing.

Curved Roof:

If you’re more into symmetry, Curved roofs will be the best choice for you. Unlike above-mentioned types, this includes pleasing arches on the top to convene water and snow runoff. It also provides a subtle shape for attic and top floor rooms. The design can further be customized according to the climatic condition. For instance, a low arch roof would be more durable for heavy wind areas. Whereas, a deeper slope will be best for areas receiving heavy rains and snow.

The Roofing Essentials Protecting Your Structure And Their Function.

The construction of a house has various stages. However, the major two are the base and the exterior. The base supports the weight, gives strength to the structure and provide spaces for the plumbing, electrics and even the insulation. However, the exterior covers all the oddities and give the structure a seamless look.

The same goes for roofs. The main structure is created with wooden tabs, and then a cardboard panel is laid on top to support the shingles, metallic plates, graphite slabs or even wooden shakes to protect the inner structure. The following are the names of the exterior housing components and their benefits.


As the name suggests, siding or wall cladding is an exterior protective attachment installed on the walls of a residence or a comical building. When sealed together with the roofing components, it prevents the interior structure from damaging. The material used for siding withstands the harshness of weather, heat, moisture, hail and even snow. While it takes so much on itself, the interior of the house remains cozy, and you live peacefully for long. There are different natural and artificial materials used as siding depending upon the user preference. Different style choices can be used to enhance the overall appeal of the property as well.

The rest below is the roofing components, and they typically prevent the water spillage from getting into the wooden structures and damaging it.


The shingle serves similarly to the siding, but the only difference is that they are applied on the roof. Much like siding, the shingles are also available in different materials and colors to prevent water seepage yet presenting an attractive appeal. The most common and easily maintained ones are the asphalt shingles, if want a more durable solution, you could have metallic plating and graphite slabs as well. The choice of the shingles also depends upon the roofing type. For instance, rubber roofing might work best with flat roofs, and wood shakes work best with barn style roofs.


Also called as rain gutters and surface water collection channel, eavestrough is used to direct rainwater into the drains. It controls the flow of water without damaging the fascia board and into the drains. It may be in the following three forms.

  • Roof integral trough along the lower fringe of the roof slope which is fashioned from the roof covering and flashing materials.
  • Discrete trough of metal, or other material that’s suspended beyond the roof edge and below the projected slope of the roof.
  • Wall integral structure beneath the roof edge, traditionally constructed of masonry, fashioned because of the crowning element of a wall.


The fascia board is the long straight board that runs along the edge of the roof and attached at the lower end of the roof as well. The fascia board allows the installation plane for gutter and also prevent any unwanted rainwater spillage to damage the roofing structure. It also prevents water from seeping into the window borders.

How to Find a Roofer for Your Home in Milton

Milton is a highly populated city, the majority of the main towns are connected with it. Because of the nearby metropolitan cities, most of the working-class families opt for living in Milton, the reason being that the cost of living in this area is less than compared to other towns nearby. With lots of homes in Milton areas, many service providing company of maintaining and repairs have settled their businesses there. These businesses consist of painting providers, home upgrades providers, carpenter, roofers, and a lot more.

If you are looking for hiring a roofing expert in the area of Milton, then there are several tips and tricks for you to judge which company to call for. If the roof of your home is getting old, may it be because of weather condition, or it is getting old, or you are not taking care of it annually. Then it is advised to call in for a professional roofer. Many people in the area of Milton are not aware of the roofing materials needed for there residence, some of them install the wrong roof, which later cost them much more then they expected.

To avoid such an issue to persist, there are ways of judging a roofing contractors. This involves a series of questions that you need to ask your roofing contractor before giving them a go-ahead for roofing replacement or roofing repair.

If you want the best roofer service in Milton, then ask these following question from the roofing contractors which you might have shortlisted for your roofing project

The question that need be addressed:

  • Warranty of the roof installation and in case something happens what will be done
  • Free estimation and quotation must be provided
  • The total cost of your roofing project, it should be different for repair and replacement
  • How long will the project take, with dates and working days included? Some of the contracts take weekends off
  • How can you communicate with your contractor throughout the whole process of the roofing project
  • Are the contractors allowed to do work in other word do they have some sort of license or certification from the relevant municipal
  • Are there any sort of insurance covered if let’s say some incident happens
  • Ask for the cost of the material and the cost of their labor, which should be addressed separately.
  • Any prior projects your roofer might have done to make sure he is well experienced.
  • Ask around from other people in the area of Milton about the contractor and its work
  • Search online for companies’ reviews and policies.

For a professional roofing replacement and roofing repairs, it is advised by our experts and other communities to book your any roofing project with Value Home Services . In Milton. They are professionals and dedicated to there work with more than 15 years of experience in the field of roof installation, roof repairs, and roof replacement. And the price they will quote will be affordable and free of charge, that is no extra fees for inspection or any other sort of thing. What you will be quoted for is what you need to pay. With their wide variety of service in installing roofs which includes a metal roof, cement roof, rubber roof, shingle roof, tile roof, cool roof, solar roof, flat roof, and much more. You will get the best, and long-lasting roof for your residence in the are of Milton.

How Oakville Become An Industrial And Construction Hub Of Southern Canada?

Every city or town in the Canadian territory has its uniqueness. For Oakville, the specialty is its population which consisted of younger 19-year community higher than the youth of Canada as a whole. Plus it’s the most densely populated town in southern Ontario. It’s also a part of the Greater Toronto Area which encapsulates an enormous population. But what inspires people to be such fond of this area? Well, it’s for the enthusiasm of sports and love of art. However, education and healthcare also complement the livability of the town. Oakville also incorporates head offices of Tim Hortons, Mattamy Homes, Siemens, and The Ford Motor Company and have most inhabitant working as employees in these heavy industries.

History Of Oakville:

However, all these blessings were once a misery. The area now known as Oakville went through the hands of various dominions but never gained renounce. Until 1793, there was nothing. Then an arterial road was constructed to connect Toronto with its southern suburbs. Later, in 1805, the land was bought by the legislative assembly of Upper Canada and became the part of the Canadian empire.

In 1820, the crown of Britain bought the area surrounding the Ontario Lake. The purchased area was nearly 960 acres. Later in the response of the 87000 personnel’s petition against the unfair leadership of the lower Canadian region, the land was auctioned to the Canadian politician William Chisholm. In his regime, he established a shipbuilding business in Oakville. However, the ship manufacture business lasted into the late 20th century.

Up until 1961, the only development were the oil industries, heavy construction factories, as well as the ford motor company HQ and plant.

The Modern Oakville:

For having a technical background, everyone living in the region supported education, healthcare, and construction. Of all the population in the area, the most employed professionals are serving education in the area, followed by the staff for The Ford Motor Company and then the healthcare facilitates. The department with least man force includes The Municipal Government Corporation of the Town of Oakville.

The population of the town has multiple nationalities and ethnic groups. Currently, south Asian, Chinese, Arab, Black,  Latin American, Korean, West Asian, Southeast Asian and Japanese people contribute to its population. With national diversity, Oakville has multiple cultural values and languages spoken.

The Home Services In Oakville:

Oakville has an excellent balance of industries, businesses, and even residents. And with the diverse culture, there is a great diversity in the construction patterns. To meet every need the constructions services needs to flexible, informed and skilled. People intent to go for concrete constructions, wooden constructions and metal construction based on their liking. The same happens while constructing the roofs.

As the construction legislature doesn’t allow to create hard roofs, every roof constructed had to be from wood. Though the size of construction may require a solid slate shingled roof, for most cases, The roofs are covered with asphalt, metal and rubber shingles. The reasoning to choose these is nothing else than affordability, durability and recyclability.


Best Materials To Use According To Residential Roofing Contractors In Toronto

From our excellent service experience and considering the weather of Toronto, our Residential Roofing Contractors in Toronto had listed some of the best roofing materials. The brief into to each one of them will convene the owners to select any one of them while replacing and constructing roofs durably and inexpensively.


Asphalt Shingles

Since Asphalt shingles are the most inexpensive ones, they are also utilized the most. Over 75% of Residential Roofing Contractors in Toronto recommends having Asphalt shingles. There is a vast availability of color and styles options, and they look decent on pretty much any home or building. The cost can fluctuate according to the aggregate solution used for preparation.

Sadly, asphalt shingles are the least eco-friendly options as they are made from petrochemicals. Nonetheless, reusing old Asphalt shingles is picking up fame where advantageous. The reused, ground-up shingles are most commonly used to create new shingles which cut the cost even more.

Asphalt Shingles will last for about 15-30 years in Toronto’s climate. Asphalt is also more volatile to climatic harm than other listed materials.


Wood Shingles and Shakes

Wood shingles and shakes look incredible, and they give a county feel to a property. The most well-known kinds of wood utilized are cedar, southern pine, and redwood. However, being wood, they don’t have any fire rating, except if you cover them with water-based paint. They also tend to decay and warp after some time and can be hard to fix once rotten.

For a similar appeal, recommendations from our Residential Roofing Contractors in Toronto is to consider a composite that is a blend of wood and different materials. These have a superior rating; however, they are not recyclable. Wood shingles typically last around 30-50 years with regular maintenance, cleaning, and painting. Otherwise, they’ll soon decay, split and deform. They are also lightweight and easy to work with.


Metal (steel, aluminium, and copper)

Metal material has gotten famous for its smoothness and sturdiness. There are numerous types of metal rooftops – sheets of metal, single metal tiles, etc. The kind of metal, just as the construction of the plank, will decide the cost.  Our Residential Roofing Contractors in Toronto highly recommends metal roofing, as it is incredibly tough, enduring 50 years or more. They are lightweight, more robust than all, and even fireproof. They are also invulnerable to a wide range of harsh climatic conditions.

Metal roofing also maintains a favorable temperature within the house in winters as well as summers.


Tiles (Clay or Concrete)

Like metal roofing, tile is utterly resistant to fire and climate. This roofing material is incredibly sturdy and heavy, making it troublesome and time-consuming to install. Tiles are also available in a wide variety of designs and shapes that can replicate the appeal of all other materials. While on the costly side, these tiles not need occasional maintenance, cleaning or even painting.

Clay or solid tiles will mostly stay for more than 50 years typically. As these tiles are produced using natural sources, they are energy efficient. Though they can heat the house a bit and cannot be used on entirely wooden structures.

Local Roofing Contractors in Burlington,Ontario

Value Home Services Is among the top firms providing best Roof repair, maintenance and installation service in surrounding areas of Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville and Toronto. For 15 years Value Home Services Have been winning hearts of their customers. With a team of skilled and experienced local roofing contractors and workers achieving high customer satisfaction, all of this could not be possible. Value Home Services in Toronto provides you with a wide range of service for your residential and commercial property, at a very cheap or competitive price, alongside the residential roofing contractors are providing warranty with every new roof construction and installation.

Service That We Provide:

Value Home Services not only provides service for roofing construction, roof repair, and roof installation in the area of Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga but a various range of services related to roofing also. These services are as follow:

  • Fascia style roofing
  • Sliding roof installation and repair
  • Roof drainage and eaves trough installation
  • Shingles for your roof
  • Flat roof repair and installation
  • Soffit installation and repairs
  • Skylight installation
  • Roof Leakages and damage repairs and fixes

Warranty With Our Work

Value Home Services is also giving a ten-year warranty for the materials and also for any new project of roofing construction and roofing installation. Roof repair and roof maintenance are not covered in this warranty only new projects. In any case, the newly constructed roof or installation of roof persist some damage. Then we will redo the whole project for your commercial and residential roofing for free.

 Signs of Damaged Roof Tops

If following signs are getting prominent on your roof, then its best that you Valuehomeservice Ltd. for getting your roof issues resolved.

  • Water Damage
  • Attic Leaks
  • Ageing Roof
  • Falling Mortar
  • Rotting Underlay
  • Ridges
  • Gutters on the Ground
  • Mould and Moss Growth
  • Light Coming Through your Roof
  • Loose Roof Tiles
  • Sagging
  • Damaged Flashing
  • Debris in Gutters

Why Choose Us:

With our expert team of commercial and residential roofing contractors and roofers in the area of Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville and Toronto, we take grave pride in our work and quality. The main reason for choosing us are as follow.

  • Free inspection and estimation with no hidden charges
  • Knowledge on every roofing style that market has to offer
  • An insured, accredited and licenced company
  • Emergency helpline available 24/7
  • Customer satisfaction and ten years of warranty is guaranteed

The Area’s We Serve:

Currently, Value Home Services is offering their roofing service, and roof repairs in the are of Milton, Burlington, Mississauga, Toronto and Oakville. Future plan of expanding to other parts of the states are under progress.