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Roofs are the most common part of any structure. They not only protect but also present an image of your building. The strong impact on the roofing design can be seen on various landmarks and the modern style residents as well. Not only the modern design looks fresh and unique from the century-old designs, but they also provide energy-saving benefits for the users. Home roofing has been improved significantly in the 20th century in terms of style and function. They can look flawless with a little lighting but will still be enough to keep a house cool in summers and warm in winters.

The following is a list Value Home Services provides of most desirable modern style roofs for your next roof replacement projects.

Skillion Roof:

The skillion roof is the modern design roof style for small seasonal homes. They are best to build for areas with cold climatic conditions to keep the internal temperature feasible. The structure resembles a flat roof but installed in an angular position to absorb maximum heat from the sun during the day. The design can also be used for separated garages. Skillion Roof is very easy to install and maintain, using fewer building materials than other counterparts. The slope helps to runoff water and snow very conveniently as well. It also presents a modern architectural appeal that looks unique and interesting.

Butterfly Roof:

Butterfly Roof is the most efficient roofing design for homes. The angular V-shaped tandem pieces join together at the center creating an illustration of butterfly’s wings while flying. The exterior sides of the roof are higher and can be installed with windows for more natural lighting and ventilation. This also helps to bring down the electricity bills and induces an open fell to the structure. A butterfly roof serves as a great plane to install visually absent solar panels as well. The only downside of the roof is the upfront cost, which will be higher for most. However, they look the best when installed on your house.

Sawtooth Roof:

A sawtooth roof is a multi skillion roof design aligned next to each other covering the entire upper portion. When installed the roof resembles the side of a saw blade. The initial usage of this design was planned for the commercial building. However, at present, the more modern residential constructions demand this type. Windows can be added to the elevated sides for natural lighting. This also helps to install solar panels without any angular plane making them visually absent. The sawtooth roof is an excellent choice for eco-friendly homes reducing daily based consumption. Our Local Roofing Contractors in Burlington install, repair and provide maintenance services for Sawtooth Roofing.

Curved Roof:

If you’re more into symmetry, Curved roofs will be the best choice for you. Unlike above-mentioned types, this includes pleasing arches on the top to convene water and snow runoff. It also provides a subtle shape for attic and top floor rooms. The design can further be customized according to the climatic condition. For instance, a low arch roof would be more durable for heavy wind areas. Whereas, a deeper slope will be best for areas receiving heavy rains and snow.